About Us

Painting and Tile Home Improvement is a full-service painting and tiling company in Chicago that satisfies all your construction needs.  We work with a designer, at no cost to you, to ensure that our services enhance your property in the most tasteful and cost-effective way. Each project is finished with the utmost care and precision at the best possible prices.

Are you preparing to sell your home, or do you have a home that has been on the market for a while that could use a few touch ups?

Often, a lick of paint can mean the difference between selling your home quickly and selling it slowly. With our painting services, we can not only help you touch up any dwelling areas but can also work with you to enhance the quality and overall appearance of your home. Whether it’s a new colour scheme or simply painting the front of your home, we’ve got a solution that will have prospective buyers drooling over your property.

Would you love to give your home a fresh look?

With both our painting and tiling services, we can deliver a solution that helps you make your desires a reality. We can work with you to bring the right colours and styling to every room in your house. We have over 20 years of experience producing the most beautiful kitchens and bathrooms with our painting and tiling services.

Are you buying a new home?

When you buy a new home, you want it to be perfect. The trouble is, that’s not always cost effective. However, buying a home and putting your own touch on it, can be. That’s why we love to work with new homeowners to help bring them the home that they envision. We can work with you to choose exactly what you like, or simply complete the labour for both, your painting and tiling requirements.

Do you own or manage an apartment or office building and need help with your ongoing maintenance and repairs?

Offices are busy places; they can become worn and tired extremely quickly. We deliver painting and tiling solutions that not only look great, but that are made to last. Whether you need a single floor, or the entire office suite painted, we can deliver this at a fair and affordable price to your business.
We can help you to build an office space that your employees want to work in, using unique and effective colour schemes. You can count on us to be dependable painters and tilers.  We have the extensive experience required to take each project smoothly from start to finish so you can focus your efforts on more important things.